Monday, July 7, 2014

Must Known Psychology of Success in IIT JEE

Over 99% of the people i interviewed for this book said that they were sure that they would make it to IIT. "DETERMINATION" brings all other factors come together. Ask yourself, "Am I absolutely determined to secure a rank in IIT-JEE?" If your answer is "Yes", next ask "Are my actions consistent with my determination?" If the answer is "No" then ask again "What can I do to make my action align with my Determination". Go on playing this game with yourself till you have all the answers.

However, besides determination, Motivation is the turbo-engine that keeps determination high and successful people use constantly to complete their arduous journey.

The Meaning of "MOTIVATION"

Motivation provides ammunition to keep your determination high so that your goal always remains in sight. Achievers don't let themselves forget their motivators. They keep tossing and turning motivators in their heads.

What Motivates you?

Do you know what motivates you? What is the "ONE" guiding factor in your life that drives you on? Find it out. It can be anything - STUDIES, The lure of Extra-Curricular Activities at IIT, The IIT Brand - Anything. IIT promises all round development.

So, if sports are what drive you, then believe me, you will have ample opportunities to play games at any of the IITs with as much competitive spirit as anywhere else. IIT campuses have some of the FINEST sports facilities and these cater all fields - Soccer, Hockey, Cricket - EVERYTHING.

For non-sport fans there is plethora of other activities. Students follow many interests varying from Astronomy to Animation. Some of the CLubs are:

1) English Debating & Literary Club (EDLC) organised a variety of events like extempore, debates, dumb charates, JAM etc.
2) Hindi Samiti: Oraganised Hindi Language related events varying from recitation to plays to songs.
3) Dance & Dramatics Club: Organised plays in Hindi &: English along with various fance events.
4) Music Club: Organised Western and Eastern nights, musical skits, Classical & instrumental concerts etc. IIT - B holds the Asia's Largest Yearly Cultural Fest MOOD INDIGO. (I (Samik) tell you, this thing drove me to prepare for JEE because I want to form a HARD ROCK BAND.
5) Photo & Audio Visual Society (PADS): Organised teaching workshops on Photography etc.
6) Film Series Committee: Screened movies at IIT campus.
7) Indoor Sports Club: Organised card games, carrom, Table Tennis, Billiards & pool etc.
Staying Away From DE-MOTIVATORS.

(Hey Dumbo! You could not even solve this easy problem?). Now this is the commonest refrain friends use to pull down friends. You will also come to hear "i attempted 11 out of 12 question, what did you do? When you actually knew there was time to attempt just 7!

Here it is very important to understand that different people use different prisms to understand life's complexities. A reality can be different for different people. There are people who over-estimate everything, they will go on feeding lie after lie. Then there are the "Nay-Sayers" who underestimate everything.

Therefore, a simple antidote from these De-motivators is to stay away from them. Don't let stray sarcastic comments run down your enthusiasm . There may be students who are smarter than you and can succeed faster than you - DON'T FORGET YOU HAVE YOUR OWN GIFTS. There are over 6000 seats to compete for. Its OK if you are not the BEST. Thats the way most of us are anyway. You can still give your best and assume that best will come to you.

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